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Rockin’ around the Christmas tea/Stop the carvery

For the past six years of my life, I have worked on Christmas Day in my parent’s restaurant.

This admission is usually greeted by shocked faces, concerns about how I cope, and even more concern about what time I finally get my Christmas dinner and open my presents (usually around 9pm for those who are interested).

How do I survive? Well, one way is to ensure that East 17 – Stay Another Day (the band’s one and only number one single, topping the Christmas chart in 1994) is heard at least three times during the day.

Now East 17 may not be your idea of the perfect Christmas song, let alone one you want to hear while you’re busy munching on your turkey, but it means Christmas day is finally here for me. It is probably the one and only day of the year I will listen to its gloriously over-dramatic Christmas bells, but I absolutely and shamelessly love it.

What do you like to hear in restaurants and cafes around the festive period?

We hear awful arrangements of the same dowdy Christmas songs blasted into our ears in shops, cafes and restaurants as early as late October these days.

Over the next couple of weeks, I want to find out what people think of Christmas music in restaurants and cafes.

Do you enjoy the endless repeat of Jingle Bells and Silent Night sung oh-so-sweetly by King’s college choir?
Or would you prefer to hear something non-Christmassy to accompany your food?

How much thought do restaurants and cafes put into their Christmas playlists? And for what purpose do they do this if everyone is already bored of the songs by the start of November?

What do independent restaurants do when it comes to Christmas tunes?

Get in touch with your thoughts via the blog or Twitter. I’d love to know what you think.

Please answer this quick poll:

Playlist of Christmas songs I would happily eat dinner to:

Title puns courtesy of James Preston

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