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Review: Pizza Pronto – Penarth

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Pizza Pronto kiosk Penarth

The peculiar little shack near Penarth train station has some new residents, in the form of Pizza Pronto, a new artisan pizza takeaway, which opened today (30 June).

The Penarth Kiosk is officially the town’s smallest business premises, and you can definitely tell as you squeeze past the two people stood inside to get a better look at the menu, and they have to move outside. However, what Pizza Pronto may lack in space, it makes up for in really, good, pizza.

The menu and the food

Pizza Pronto pizza

Pizza Pronto currently offers a range of pizza flatbreads – priced between £2.65 for a Margherita, to £3.25 for chicken and bacon – pasta of the day (£2.65), soup of the day (£3.25), sourdough balls with bacon or brie and red onion jam (£2.65), and coffee and bacon rolls for breakfast. 

For lunch, after much deliberation I chose the ham, sundried tomato, and olive flatbread (£2.95), which was made and cooked before my eyes (except when I had to move so the next person could order). The base was perfectly thin and crispy, with a bit of gooeyness from the cheese in the middle. The base was topped with a sweet and tangy tomato sauce, puddles of mozzarella, a mix of saltiness, sweetness and intensity from the toppings, and herbs which cut through everything nicely. A few people asked how it was as they walked past, and I hope they understood my mouth-full happy mumblings.

I got into a bit of a mess eating it, but that’s my own fault for not being sensible and taking it back to the office where there are plates and cutlery… The flatbreads are definitely worth queuing outside for, come rain or shine, and while Domino’s may be opening up the road soon, they have nothing on these guys.  

Opening times?

Pizza Pronto is open 7.00am-2.00pm Monday-Friday, and 5.30pm-2.00am Thursday-Saturday.

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