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It’s not a secret that I love my food, my booze, and my music.

Whether noticing the playlists that are played in restaurants or coffee bars, carefully constructing my own dinner party and BBQ playlists, or choosing the music I listen to while cooking, music and food have always gone together.

I’m not afraid of cheating slightly when it comes to cooking. As a journalist, I don’t always have time to prepare aspects such as curry pastes, so you will see a few ‘Nigella moments’ in my cooking, a woman after my own heart.

If you have a recipe and want some music ideas, send it over. Or if you have some music and want a recipe to cook, send it over.

And if you want to get in touch, email me at


All recipes are on Petitchef

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  1. Hi Rachael is there an email address I can contact on? Would love to send you some music from the Partisan roster!


  2. It was nice to meet you the other night at Stolen. I think I have some phenomenal food-music power combos…..

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